Christ is the foundation of everything, and becoming more like Him is our goal. Help us bring Heaven to earth through outreach and prayer!


Christ is the foundation of everything, and becoming more like Him is always the goal. Christ determines the direction of our lives, and we make it our life’s goal to be a reflection of Him in our company- “On Earth as in Heaven”.


We are a faith-based, for-profit company compassionately dedicated to be an expression of Christ on earth in Love, Truth, and Service.


We believe that life is meant to be given away and that Christianity exists to share Christ with others.

We are committed to reliance on Prayer and Fasting for direction, conception, planning and execution of the ministries and activities of this company.

We are committed to receiving direction from the Holy Spirit that enables creativity and innovation. We are more concerned with effectiveness in ministry than with adherence to tradition or efficiency.

We are committed to serve all people, just as they are, without regard to race, gender, age, lifestyle, or whatever. We value diversity.

We are committed to equipping Christians through biblical preaching and God’s word.


James Michel

A seasoned District Manager with almost 15 years of experience in Blood Banking at one of the most recognizable non-profit organizations in the world, James Michel is a leader, a networker, and a revivalist.


With a track record of achieving exceptional results in operations, James has led staff development and training as well as implementing new procedures in support of the organization’s business strategies.


James is also the co-founder of P.P.M. (Power of Prayer Ministries, Inc), a faith-based, not-for-profit organization compassionately dedicated to being an expression of Jesus Christ in the community at large through prayer and social services. Using this platform, James co-hosted weekly radio shows in the New York City area, promoting the Good News of the Gospel and demonstrating the Power of Prayer.
James is a dedicated father of two beautiful children – a boy and a girl. On most summer weekends, you can find him either on a soccer field coaching his son’s soccer team or keeping up with his daughter in their neighborhood playground.


James’ life vision is to promote God’s message of reconciliation with Mankind through prayer, teaching, and service. – “On Earth as in Heaven”.